Ok guys, so I bought a truck in Nebraska from a person who now lives in Colorado. When I bought it I made a mistake of not being there in person for him to sign the title over to me. I lefy money in my cousins hand as i was leaving the state. So he did sign the title over but I noticed he signed the title over wrong, signed in the dealer portion not the private portion and did not sign his full name. Also he did not leave a bill of sale for me either. Then I noticed when the person originally bought the vehicle before me he did not take the title in to pay sales tax and register in his name so the title is still in the dealers name he bought it from. I called the dealership and the courthouse and they're telling me he must be with me for the dealership to sign a duplicate title to him, and then to me. Problem is I can no longer get ahold of him. The dealership cannot just sign the duplicate title to me because that would be title jumping and is a felony. Any advice?