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failure to inspect, unsafe vehicle, abandoned vehicle tickets??? New Jersey

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  • failure to inspect, unsafe vehicle, abandoned vehicle tickets??? New Jersey

    hello, i am in a very bad situation and need some advice. story may be somewhat long, i apologize. so ill begin, i have a 2005 chrysler which understandably has had many issues since it is old. i met a family friend who is a mechanic, he would work on me and my moms cars, always very easy going and never had any issues with him. recently, my car had a very major issue that needed to be fixed. this issue started on september 20th, i dropped the car off to my mechanics house as i would usually do. gave him over $200 to fix it. it was taking him quite some time to fix it, and eventually he told me that the issue was bigger than we first originally planned and it was going to cost me a couple more hundred. so from there my mom and i decided to just sell the car for parts because it was going to keep costing us more in the long run. so on october 14th, i texted my mechanic and told him the deal. he told me he can help me part it out and hed just want a percentage of it for taking the car apart and finding buyers. i agreed and he told me he would have money to me by that monday. two days. october 16th. the 16th came around, didnt hear anything. he lives nearby and id often pass my car and see the wheels gone, the engine gone, whatever else. obviously just assuming hes selling the parts like we agreed to. well, this past sunday the 22nd my mother drives by and told me the car is gone. it wasnt there. i texted my mechanic asking whats going on. he said the police told my mom it was unsafe and towed it. and kept rambling on about some other bull**** how it was not unsafe and he said it was legal and that the cops claimed it was an abandoned vehicle, whatever. failed to tell me this for days until i texted him. i did not abandon the car, it was in the process of being sold for parts. the car is still registered in new jersey, still insured even though i havent driven it. but, it does have a rejected sticker on it. i was trying to get my car fixed to get the check engine light off so it could pass.. anyway, my mom goes up to the police station today they confirmed they had my car picked up from his house on this past saturday. and my mom said so why didnt either of us get notified isnt there some sort of protocol to let the person know? and the cop told her that every attempt is made and then told her that she called on october 16th. the same day my mechanic claimed he would have money to me. the cop looked in the book and said that someone used my mothers named to call and tell them they have an abounded vehicle. it was not my mom who called. why would she? we think because my mechanic does have a drug issue, he sold the parts and got as much money as he could and then called the police like he didnt do anything and left us in this situation..he does not respond to me or my mothers calls or texts when we want answers. pretty sure impersonation is extremely illega by the way. well, the situation only gets worse. my mom gets three tickets in the mail. failure to inspect, abandoned vehicle, and unsafe vehicle. court appearance required. first of all, if we were ever made aware my car was going to be towed we would have just taken it to a scrapyard and got rid of it now its sitting in storage raking up fees we can not pay. failure to inspect, how can i drive the car to the dmv when it�s not even okay to drive? i asked my mechanic a while back when i first dropped the car off if it would be safe enough to sell to someone and if it would be ok to drive home in, he told me no. with the condition it is in now it�s not ok to drive. so how was i supposed to take it to get inspected? point is, all of these things are coming down on me when i had absolutely nothing to do with it. i was just trying to sell the car for parts, that�s it. so what do i do in this situation? we are going to get an attorney. but what will most likely happen? i feel like it is very illegal to 1. pretend to be my mom 2. never be notified by the police or anyone about the towing.. just a very bad situation. i appreciate any advice thanks for reading ( i have multiple screenshots for proof of all of this)
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    It is very difficult to read your story, but it seems you left a car with a mechanic friend to be sold for parts and before that happened, the car was towed. If it was towed, it was taken someplace. Can you not get the car back from impound or wherever it was taken?
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      ElleMD, towards the end she mentions her mom (legal owner) getting 3 tickets on the car because of where the mechanic parked it.

      Unfortunately, other than suing the mechanic for leaving the car on a public street, I don't see what else you can do. You saw the car on the street so you were aware it was parked there when it should not have been.


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        It is not clear if the car was towed because of where it was parked or because of tickets from overdue inspections. If the car was due to be inspected, it would still need to be inspected, whether you intended to sell it for parts soon or not.
        I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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