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Stop except right turn Pennsylvania

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  • Stop except right turn Pennsylvania

    I have not gotten in an accident but today I almost did. I was making a left turn at a 3 way stop. One of the sides has a "Except right turn" sign underneath it, which is not visible from the opposite side. I waited for a car to turn and then I began my turn. Another car was speeding out and made the right turn, nearly hitting me. As they honked their horn I thought "You'd be at fault." but would they?

    Hypothetically, they have the right of way because of the "except right turn" sign; however, the opposite side wouldn't know about this sign in theory. It is only visible to the person making that right turn. The car also would have rear ended me had they not stopped.

    Who would be at the wrong?

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    The answer is that if you do not have the right-of-way or you are not in your lane of traffic, then you would probably be at fault.
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      Yes, well that is part of the question. Who has the right of way? I was at a full stop and made the left. The other car never stopped because they didn't have to. It would be the same as a car at an intersection making a left turn at a light while on the opposite side someone makes a right. They've both got the right of way but which triumphs? I have a feeling the person making the left turn would be in the wrong, simply because it is a left turn.


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        well the key part there is "they didn't stop because they didn't have to." I would say in that case you would be at fault but I understand where your coming from. Where I live those types of except right turn stop signs are all over the place at blind intersections. It's amazing what PennDOT gets away with sometimes.


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          The traffic engineer that thought this one up needs to be fired. Or I would bet it was a traffic commission of appointed laymen. Traffic commissions should be abolished, because only trained experts should be doing traffic engineering.

          If one direction of an intersection that seems to be an all-way stop does not stop. there should be specific signs that tell what movements do not stop. This is prescribed by the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.


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