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$235 parking ticket in NYC. Please help! New York

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  • $235 parking ticket in NYC. Please help! New York

    We got a parking ticket while we're visiting a friend. My husband went to NYC, paid the ticket($115). Today, we got a letter from NYC saying that we did'nt pay a parking ticket ($115 plus $10 late fee). It turned out that we got 2 parking tickets within 24hrs(same parking place, never moved the car). Of course, we found only one ticket which he went to NYC personally paid it(we live in MA).
    Is it possible that they can give 2 tickets in 24 hrs?
    Also is it our responsible that we never saw other ticket and we have to pay $ penalty?
    We lived in NYC over 20 years so we knew parking rules but they changed rule (distance from hydrant) after we moved out. I am upset that we have to pay another $125 for NYC.
    Anyone has idea? Thank you very much.
    PS: I went to NYC website about timeframe how often they can give a ticket but there is no info!
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    If you removed the ticket, and still didn't move the car, if the ticket was not on the windshield, they might have figured that you took the ticket off, and still re parked where you were originally. If you did not remove the ticket, I would call the police station that issued it, and ask if they can ticket you twice for one parking violation? Maybe if you explain, they may drop it, not sure.


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      It was weekend. We found a ticket on the windowshield Sunday morning so my husband went to NYC paid it (we live in MA). The problem is , yesterday we got a letter from NYC stating that we didn't pay a parking ticket which turn out it was given on Saturday evening. We never saw that ticket! I bet many times happenning in NYC (blown away or whatever reason).
      My problems are ;
      Can they give 2 parking ticket in one violation?
      Is it our fault no paying parking violation because there was no ticket on window shield?
      Thank you!


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        I am really not sure. Maybe you could call the ones who issued it, and see. I wish I could be of further help, but I really don't know, since it is an act of god (or a terrible person), that the first ticket was removed.


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