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driving without registration in ny

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  • driving without registration in ny

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    I've a dilemma as my car was recently totaled in an accident (no other cars
    were involved) and my neighbor has loaned me an old van until I have an
    opportunity to get a used car to replace the junked one. The problem is
    that he cannot find the registration for it. I know it's his car and they
    are respectible people who are just doing this for me as a favor however I
    used it a bit in the past to get to class and a doctor's appointment but am
    now questioning using it any more without the "physical" registration card
    in my possession for the car. The owner just tossed it off and said that
    I'd just have to give the police (if stopped for any reason) his phone
    number and he'd straighten it out --- we've been neighbors for a few years
    now). I'm just afraid that they will arrest me for stealing a car which in
    a way would be visually absurd as the van is NOT in good shape (does pass
    inspection) and I'm a senior female not exactly the type to be stealing a

    I did buy a car but am waiting for the money to clear so that I can pick it
    up in a week or so.

    So is what I'm doing putting me in a situation to wind up in jail?


    driver in fear

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