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Ping Tavish: Have you reported Yale to these people?

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  • Ping Tavish: Have you reported Yale to these people?

    On 19 Jan 2004 23:07:07 -0000, <[email protected]>
    Justice For All <[email protected]> wrote:
    Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of PennsylvaniaTwo Lemoyne Dr., 2nd FloorLemoyne Pa 17043(717) 731-7073 atty registration(717) 731-7083 complaintsWe are sure they would be very interested in hearing what Yale hasdone to you seeing how they are already aware of his unethicalgoings on with other persons.
    Thank you for the info but I am not at liberty to disclose what agencies are
    acting upon the new complaints but I will say I am most confident Yale F.Edeiken
    won't be practicing law in the State of Pennsylvania anymore in the near future
    and if that ******* thinks he can pull up stakes and move to another state he
    has another thing coming! I will contact the proper people in the new state and
    advise them of Yale's shady past and dealings.

    BTW here is what the Disciplinary Board already has on Yale:

    --Criminal Yale F. Edeiken's deplorable record:
    (Link active October 29, 2003. Archived locally as: shyster_censured)

    Attorney ID - 40290
    Edeiken, Yale F.
    ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^
    Pennsylvania Supreme Court Attorney Inquiry
    Attorney ID Case County District
    40290 122 DB 95 Lehigh II Public Censure Administered 10/20/98

    A PDF file is available which gives a report on the above
    122 DB 95 against Shyster Yale Fatso Edeiken:
    (Link active October 28, 2003. Archived locally as: "Edeiken_Gets_His" and

    The Disciplinary Board was content to give Yale F. Edeiken a "private reprimand"
    but he continued to act like the psychotic nut case he is and defied them and
    refused to appear at his hearing more than once! He was then "forced" to appear
    and the "private reprimand" had escalated to "PUBLIC CENSURE" by the highest
    court of that *******'s state! Furthermore the Disciplinary Board closed with:
    "It is further ORDERED that respondent [Yale F. Edeiken] shall pay costs to the
    Disciplinary Board pursuant to Rule 208(g), PaR.D.E." IOW Yale had to pay the
    Disciplinary Board to "kick his shyster ***" AFTER the Disciplinary Board of the
    Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania had to serve numerous notices upon
    him and compel him to attend his disciplinary hearing!! Yale also had to pay for
    all costs of the investigation too! It's all detailed in that PDF file!! GO

    BTW Yale F. Edeiken had already received one "Private Reprimand" in 1993 and
    Yale had received an "Informal Admonition" in 1995! Then the ******* got "PUBLIC
    CENSURE" in 1998!!! Looks like Yale F. Edeiken is real shining example of the
    legal profession doesn't it? Why that shyster still has his law license is a
    mystery to me! His assaulting a Deputy Sheriff should have done him in- in 1990!

    From: [email protected] (Doc Tavish)
    Date: 2000/05/17
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>

    Yale is also a perjurer who also makes criminal death threats using subpoenaed
    Subject: Test this, David Michael aka Ken McVay's "Edeiken-v-Bradbury.C1" Is
    Filled With Lies and Perjury...
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>
    Subject: Yale F. Edeiken Admits Sending Death Threats Over The Internet is a
    Federal Crime (Which He Has Done!)
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>
    Subject: David Michael Came Very Close to Getting The "TREATMENT" Shyster Yale
    F. Edeiken Gave Me! aka Re: Bradbury Misses The Point (Again)
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>
    Date: 24 May 2003 07:09:57 GMT

    Need I say more about the scourge of Lehigh County Pennsylvania other than he is
    mentally unstable as he freely confessed in public forum:

    Special Note: Yale F. Edeiken Esq. of Allentown, Pennsylvania- Supreme Court
    ID# 40290 has falsely asserted he was associated with the two law firms
    mentioned below-- Todd Miller & Associates and Trainor Law Offices. Both law
    firms told me first hand that Yale F. Edeiken was never an attorney at their
    firms!! That is fact!
    (Archived locally as: YaleTheNut)
    From: "Yale F. Edeiken" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Re: The Common Thread To All These Cancel Announcements...
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>
    Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 15:06:26 GMT

    Defendant Brad**** <[email protected], [email protected]om,com> wrote
    in message news:[email protected]

    Care to tell all of us why both Todd Miller and Paul Trainor distanced themselves from you
    Because they were dealing with someone who was "mentally unstable"
    (their dscription) and a "crazy man" (again, their description) who they
    wanted to go away as quckly as possible.

    ~~End of GOOGLE Archive~~

    Compare what Yale said on August 20, 2001 concerning two law firms attitudes
    toward his presence with his own words: "they were dealing with someone who was
    "mentally unstable" (their dscription) and a "crazy man" (again, their
    description) who they wanted to go away as quckly as possible" to this which was
    posted July 4, 2000: "Tubby has no respect from the legal community and as a
    whole they wish he'd just waddle away."
    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Yale _Tubby_ Edeiken
    Date: 2000/07/04
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>


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