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Unregistered vehicle in Virginia

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  • Unregistered vehicle in Virginia

    Is there a law/penalties against having an unregistered parked Vehicle in Fairfax county, Virginia while I am Trying to sell it? It has been like this for a couple of weeks now, noone is driving it because I am looking for a buyer. Is it illegal for me to do this? Also, this vehicle is now uninsured because i see no point in having all this done if its not going to be driven. I've tried doing some research on this but i cant find any answers. Any help would be appreciated.

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    It is usually easier to sell a vehicle that is currently regestered, and insurance is a good idea for the purpose of a test drive.


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      Usually such laws prohibiting unregistered vehicles are local ordinances, not state laws. They are anti-trash ordinances, not laws commanding registration. I have seen all of the following:

      - It can't be parked on the street (city property) without licence plates
      - It can't be on the street or in a front yard without license plates
      - It can't be visible from the street without license plates
      - It must not be anywhere except inside a garage without license plates
      - It must be in a garage or on the owner's driveway without license plates
      - The vehicle must not be visible from the street in a disassembled or wrecked state longer than 15 days
      - No more than three vehicles may be on any one single-family property
      - The car may not be parked in grass even if it has license plates

      England gives you a ticket if the car is rusted out, even if it is registered. Talk about greedy.

      But usually it is almost always illegal to leave an unregistered vehicle on public property (parked on the street).


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