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Question: Car form Canada BC to California

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  • Question: Car form Canada BC to California

    I am a coop student (holding the J-1 visa) form Canada BC and need to complete my coop work term in San Francisco for 8 months.

    I have drove my car here which means it is registered as a BC licence plate. Do I need to purchase any additional car coverage form the insurance company here? well... let's say. I able to do that?

    Also, do I need get a california licence?
    Am I allow to drive my car with my BC licence here for 8 months?

    Plz help Many Thanks

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    Here's the thing, to save you money and time, don't get a license. Most insurance companys will cover your car in another country such as usa. If you get pulled over just tell the cop that you are on a trip, just visiting.


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      The usual reciprocal law is 60 days. If you are present in a state longer than 60 days, you must register (and pay their plate TAX) in that state.

      Your license and title vary state to state. Usually a title stays with a permanent residence.

      One thing to not do is cheat on this. Nothing makes a state angrier than unpaid taxes. And since most police cars routinely run license numbers they read, vehicles overstaying the 60 day welcome pop up quickly on their computers.

      There are exceptions to this law. If you leave the state, it starts the 60 day period over (though their computers don't know that you left). And there are a lot of people in border areas who live in one state and work in another state. These items must be filed where you live, not where you work.


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