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  • New LTBV Forum

    Apologies to those that have already seen this on BritishExpats but it
    doesn't appear to have filtered through to the newsgroup so am reposting on

    In a thread on another site's forum I suggested that those of us who have
    applied for Long Term Business Visa's should support each other through the
    process and beyond. The more I think about it the more it makes sense. We go
    through a different process than most other visa applicants and face
    different problems and issues. Once we receive our LTBV's and make the move
    to NZ we face yet more hurdles setting up and running a business in
    unfamiliar surroundings. I believe that each of us has our own skills and
    areas of expertise and will be well positioned to help, and learn from

    For these reasons I have today set up a simple forum on my NZ Links site at to discuss all aspects of the LTBV as well as setting up
    and doing business in NZ. It is in no way intended to divert traffic from
    this or any other forum or newsgroup but I feel that it would be useful for
    us to have an area where we can discuss our own specific issues. It may not
    be very busy, certainly to begin with, but it means that those of us
    following this path can share ideas and advice and offer the benefits of our
    experiences to others in the same situation.

    I am very conscious that there are already a number of other forums
    discussing various aspects of NZ Immigration and lifestyle and I don't want
    to add yet another forum to the growing list of sites to check on a daily
    basis. To make life easier, the forum has a 'View New Posts' facility that
    will allow you to see at a glance any new messages that have been posted. It
    is also possible to 'Subscribe to the forum' to receive email notification
    when a new message is posted. This means you don't have to check too
    regularly but can simply visit when someone else posts a message, (although
    I hope that all members will contribute regularly).

    I would really appreciate if those of you who have applied for, are thinking
    of applying or have already received a Long Term Business Visa would visit
    and support the forum. Those that have already been through the process and
    are operating a business in NZ are especially welcome. Registration is a
    very simply 30 second affair and then you will have full access to read and
    post messages. Please also post a brief introduction about yourself and
    let's start supporting each other!

    Many thanks,

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