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Any nurses out there please help!

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  • mary1
    Any nurses out there please help!

    Hi Denise!

    Having critical care experience will be to your advantage.I don't know
    what the job situation is like on the sunshine coast though.

    I've never worked on the Sunshine Coast but drive up there a lot on my
    days off.Caloundra is about 90km from Brisbane CBD so too far to commute
    in my opinion from Brisbane(especially on nights and early shifts!)I
    think Caloundra Hospital is quite small however.

    The Bruce Highway( main road north from Brisbane) is dual carrigeway all
    the way to the Sunshine Coast but it isn't the best of roads by UK
    standards (but not as busy as say the M6 in UK.)They are updating some
    of the highway at present. The Brisbane/Sunshine coast area is massive
    and spreadout and it can take a long time to drive anywhere but the
    roads are quiet by UK standards.

    I think the main public hospital on the sunshine coast is at
    Nambour(about 30km inland from Caloundra) and it would be your main
    bet.There are also public hospitals at Caboolture and Redcliffe which
    are halfway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast but might be too far
    to drive for you.

    A lot of patients are referred on to the main Brisbane Hospitals for
    specialised treatment.

    You might find the smaller hospitals a bit "behind"in certain things

    but I find the nursing care to be pretty good in Qld in general and
    reasonably well staffed depending on where you work.

    I wouldn't be put off by trying private hospitals.They pay about the
    same and they are not for the" rich elite" like the UK.(I'd never work
    in a private hospital in the UK after one experience), and their
    standards are pretty good.(I prefer the public system myself although I
    am working in private at present).

    Sorry I'm not much help but I'd still try the nursing agencies in the UK
    and in Brisbane and maybe telephone the Queensland Nursing Council
    (the registering body for queensland)( they have a website).

    Good Luck Mary

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  • parkhigh
    Any nurses out there please help!


    Sorry I dont know anything about brisbane but having just been to
    melbourne I walked into a hospital and saw the personnel manager. Had I
    been there permeantly and with an appropriate registration document I
    would have had a job. so they are pretty desperate which is reassuring.

    Have you tried looking on the web as I surfed the net looking at
    hospitals in victoria and got loads of stuff and am able to contact them
    direct if necessary.

    I also went to an emigration exhibition where the various states were
    giving out info on hospitals etc so maybe its worth contacting that area
    direct. I know you can for victoria anyway.

    sorry i cant be of anymore help.


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  • bowks
    Any nurses out there please help!

    Thanks for the info!

    I am a RN in critical care in Rochdale.

    The problem is I need a perminant position to enable me to claim extra
    points for my PR application. I'm migrating with my hubby and children
    so it would also be better if I had a perminant position.

    Do you know much about Caloundra Hospital
    You see I'm not realy bothered about being in Brisbane CBD, But if
    that is the place to start the thats ok!

    Regards Denise
    Hi Denise,You didn't say what part of queensland you want to live in and what yourqualifications are.I don't know about rural Qld but I've worked in Brisbane as an RN forabout 10 years and done loads of agency as well so know most of thehospitals well.I know there is a shortage of nurses especially in certain specialitiessuch as critical care.I know that our state health minister was offeringfree airfares to entice QLD nurses back from the UK a few months ago!If I were you I'd telephone the HRM departments of the majorhospitals.The public ones are Royal Brisbane, Princess Alexandra, MaterPublic, Prince Charles(Cardiothoracic).There are also some large privatehospitals such as St.Andrews, Wesley, and Mater Private. They are allnear Brisbane CBD although Prince Charles is about 10km on thenorthside.I liked Royal Brisbane and Prince Charles best.However sometimes it is difficult to get a permanent position at firstdue to budget problems and the hospitals use loads of agency nurses.Iwould also try agencies in the UK.The biggest agencies in Brisbane areQueenstate(not Queensland), Northern Nursing and Oxleys.The hospitalsalso employ casual pool(bank) nurses.I met a few RN's at St. Andrews whowere on contracts through Northern Nursing agency from the UK.I found working in the public hospitals easier at first as I was usedwith the NHS.Good Luck!

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  • claireg3
    Any nurses out there please help!

    Have you tried contacting hospitals directly? I sent my cv off to the
    personnel dept and had my interview the following week. If i'd gone off
    the job sites I'd still be looking.

    By the way this is for WA so don't know if it is the same in Qld.

    Good Luck

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  • bowks
    started a topic Any nurses out there please help!

    Any nurses out there please help!

    I don't know if you have tried yet but I am having problems finding a
    hospital in Queensland that is willing to offer me a position, to
    enable me to acquire extra points for my application, through a
    confirmed job offer!

    In fact I am having problems finding any jobs available for nurses in
    Queensland altogether. I have searched all the job sites and found
    only private jobs or nursing homes. There is only or two jobs on the
    Government site.

    But if you do a search for New South Wales there are about 200 jobs on
    the government health site.

    Has any nurse out there more successful than me who could help with
    any contacts?

    Or is there any nurses out there with any information at all that
    could help me?

    Regards Denise
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