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Yippee!! 22 Days to Process Spouse Visa

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  • Yippee!! 22 Days to Process Spouse Visa

    Originally posted by bondipom
    Same stuff as for the first visa but it seemed so much simpler.

    Required 2 x 888 stat decs from Australian Permanent Resident or Citizens. Certified copy of proof of residency or citizenship is needed.

    2 x stat decs from yourself and partner.

    Your home phone no, and both of your mobile and work nos if you have them.

    form 80 for applicant.

    police certificate from Oz Federal Police

    For evidence I provided 3 joint bank statements from arrival here to now, superannuation statements with each other as the death beneficiary, travel itinererary, registration of car in both names, a phone bill and joint car insurance. I also supplied wedding photos, holiday photos and photos of us with family.

    They should send you all the forms you need including stat dec forms for you and your partner 3 months before the decision is due. You must keep DIMIA infomed of any change of address or you will miss your forms.

    The evidence needs to be certified copies which a JP can do. JPs can also witness stat decs.

    I have some overseas travel coming up which I had to state to prevent them from making a decision whilst overseas.

    I posted the forms on the Saturday and on Tuesday I got a call from the case officer saying that they will delay the decision until I return from overseas. They cannot make the decision until 2 years after the initial application in the UK.

    In theory it sounds like a done deal but I will find out when I get back from holidays.

    It all seemed so much easier than the first time.


    Is this for both Subclass 309 and 100 or just 309?

    Nick got a Subclass 100 in his visa so I'm not sure we have to go
    through this process (but please correct me if I'm wrong).


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