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Moved to Missouri, State of IL suspended IL license that doesn't exist anymore. MO

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  • Moved to Missouri, State of IL suspended IL license that doesn't exist anymore. MO

    Okay, I'm going to try to make this as short as possible. But I'm going to add in all the details, so bear with me. I need help ASAP.
    I'm 19 from Illinois and going to college in Missouri. Back in February, I got my second ever speeding ticket (1st in Missouri), while still holding my Illinois drivers license. I paid the ticket and the conviction date went through on February 13, 2017. After that I went to the DMV in Missouri, and got a new license using my dorm address as my permanent address. The date it was issued was February 21. That same day, my Illinois license became void, because you can't hold a license in two states at once. On June 5, I was driving in Missouri and got pulled over, the cop ran my license and didn't say that it was suspended or anything, and let me go with a verbal warning. That next Friday, June 9, I was driving to go back home, Illinois, and I got pulled over again. The cop took my license and ran it and came back and told me that it was suspended and had been since March 29. I never got any notification from the state of Illinois at either of my addresses (the one I previously had in Illinois, my parents, or the one in Missouri, my dorm). I can call the automated number in Missouri and it tells me that my license is not suspended, and the only thing on my record is the speeding ticket I got back in February. I can't look up the status of my Illinois license because it is an invalid license and is not in the system anymore.
    I go to court July 12, and I really don't know what to do. Do I get a lawyer and fight it? Do I just live with a suspended license? I was technically caught driving on a suspended license which could mean jail time and additional time on the suspension. Driving while suspended is a conviction that will take away my ability to receive financial aid.
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    Have you tried calling Illinois DMV and speaking to a live person? I realize it probably would be a long wait but if you can determine why your license was suspended, you might be able to correct that situation before your court date.


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      I agree with try to get a live person on the phone.


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        You need to speak to someone from the Missouri DMV. If you had multiple tickets and warnings by 19, you very well may have had your license suspended. The states do "talk" to one another so if your license would have been suspended in one state, that would carry over to others. The days of avoiding suspension by simply getting a license in another state are long gone. I am a bit surprised that Missouri allowed you to get a license using just a dorm address as typically merely attending college in a state does not qualify you as a resident of that state.
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          Thanks for the responses, however, the cop explained to me that my license was suspended because of the two speeding tickets I had got, which I understand and is not what I'm trying to argue against. I didn't get a Missouri license to get rid of the suspension, because when I got the Missouri license I had no idea I was suspended. I got the Missouri license to be a permanent resident of Missouri and receive in state tuition at school. What I wanna know is why I was never notified at either address. If all the states talk, then Illinois should have known I changed addresses. The dorm room thing is a perfectly valid address, as long as I tell the Missouri DMV when I move to a different address. The tickets that were written have all of my old Illinois information. (Address, license #). Are those valid tickets if he wrote down wrong/invalid information?


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            States don't automatically update information, especially when it occurs between states.It was your responsibility to change your address in Illinois. When you got the tickets, did you explain to the officer that the address was wrong?


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              Yes I did explain to the officer that the address was wrong. However, that address belongs to my dad, and if that's the address the state had, the papers should have been sent there. The problem is, the weren't. I had never received any notice that my license was suspended or going to be suspended.


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