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W-2c forms Nevada

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  • W-2c forms Nevada

    So my former employee gave me two w-2 forms, but I noticed that one number of my social security is wrong AFTER I filed my taxes. I went back to my former employer and the management office that I recieved my w-2s from and asked to get it fixed. One of them gave me a number, but I called and they said that they had been that company's payroll company TWO YEARS AGO! So I contacted the office again, and asked for the right number but instead of giving it to me, they just said they'd call and then contact me back. After that, I've been contacting them everyday, and finally I got a response back. They said that they had a w-2c form for me that I could just send in right away so I went in to get it. But the thing is, they only gave me one when I recieved two w-2s and I asked them if it was okay to just use one for both of the w-2s and they said it was fine. But the employer name and employer ID number on both w-2s are different! So I asked them to give me the website that they got the form from, so I could just do it myself. But when it was the site and the w-2c form from that site says not to print from that site because it's invalid and there's a penalty for filing a copy of it. There's even a paragraph explaining why we can't use it straight from there on the first page! I emailed the office back and we ended up arguing. She said she read the first page but printed it out anyways! She won't give me the payroll company's phone number (I asked for it so I could contact the payroll company and make sure that my information was fixed in their system) but she isn't giving it to me and she said that the problem with my w-2c forms is all my problems. She's not willing to help, and she's giving me invalid w-2c forms and insisting to file it when it clearly says not to use it from the site she got it from. What can I do?

    This is the link to the w-2c form from that the office sent me. The first page when it opens explains to not use it!
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