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Need advice on mom's California estate

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  • Need advice on mom's California estate

    Mom past away couple of months ago. Her assets were her house and mutual
    funds which is way under the $1.5 M limit and from my understanding has no
    or little tax impact. Her real estate property (under $1 M) is located in
    California and in the name of her living trust and her mutual funds account
    (under $100 K) was in a joint account between mom and me. I'm the sole
    trustee and beneficiary.

    My question is, do I need to see the lawyer who set up the living trust for
    her? I really have issues with that guy who try to sell her insurance,
    switch her mutual funds into his own funds, sell her house for reinvestment
    after he set up her living trust. We had no idea that he had things to sell.
    He got mad at us when she didn't go for his investment schemes.

    Anyway, do I need to a lawyer to settle her estate? If so, I rather not see
    the same guy. Is there a time limit to file any paper works with either IRS
    or California state courts? The tax person I talked to said no lawyer is
    needed but I'm not able to confirm this because she is on vacation. For now
    I need to have the property appraised for tax and have the property
    transferred to my name so I could sell it because it's too far to manage. I
    also need to see my tax person when she comes back from vacation. Anything
    else I need to do? This past few weeks has been so emotional and I'm not
    thinking right so any advice would be appreciated.

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