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Day 5, and Paul Thomas still won't admit to lying.

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  • Day 5, and Paul Thomas still won't admit to lying.

    After 22 weeks of protesting that AK was a liar while all that time, never being
    able to proof that accusation, we now have proof that Paul Thomas is actually
    the liar. Here the case:

    He purposefully changed what I wrote to give the misleading impression that I
    was referring to the poster known as AK, when I was actually referring to him.
    Here's what I posted, and here's how he reposted it.....

    My post:
    So there's lots of reason to suspect that you were lying.

    His repost:
    So there's lots of reason to suspect that [Andy was] lying.
    Not that qualifies under the definition of a lie. By the including the caret
    *>* before the repost, and by including the same caret virtually every time he,
    or most others, repost the words of another in order to show what that other
    person posted, he clearly, and deliberately attempted to give the impression
    that I posted something completely different than what I did.

    Now, while he did also include the brackets, those are reserved for use whenever
    clarification is required, and not a complete change of meaning. furthermore,
    in doing so, he deleted the word *you*.

    It's interesting to note that this AK person has since admitted to making a
    mistake, and apologizing for it numerous times, and yet P Thomas has never
    admitted, or apologized, for accusing someone of lying when there's every
    indication that the person was simply mistaken.

    That makes Paul Thomas not only a liar, but the hypocrite of the group.

    And so, to use his own technique, the count begins. This is week #1 of the
    count to see how long it will be before Paul Thomas admits to, and apologizes
    for, his lie.

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