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Here's some Christian answers re-taxes

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  • Here's some Christian answers re-taxes

    "Jimmy_For_Freedom" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    From Kent's site,IRS? I don't see how it got to be news since the IRS does audits and collects information all the time. It amazes me how fast rumors get spread, and how they grow so big! (See Veggie Tales - "The Fib From Outer Space!") So, only to prevent false rumors from hurting the cause of Christ, here's the real story of the IRS raid of our ministry: Where did you hear that? All that happened was, the IRS came to get records about me (that they could have just asked for in the right way) and they took boxes of church records and cash instead.
    sounds like bad news for "Dr. Dino" - the court case and jail could follow!

    Dave Johnson wrote:
    ... are you a creationist tax cheat or just a run-of-the-mill tax
    promoter? Weblog: IRS Raids Home and Business of Creationist Compiled by Ted Olsen | posted 04/19/2004 IRS says "Dr. Dino" isn't paying his taxes Kent Hovind is a creationist who is pretty well known among other creationists six-day literalist position in a widely circulated
    debate with Hugh Ross on the John Ankerberg Show not every
    favorite spokesman. For example, Answers in Genesis, one of the leading creationist organizations, called him a "talented creationist speaker S with reasonably orthodox understandings of Genesis," but criticized his use of "material that is not sound scientifically." (This led to a bit of a dispute between Hovind and the group.) He's also had trouble with the law, having been charged with assault, battery, and burglary (the charges were dropped), and faces other charges over his refusal to get building permits for his properties. Now Hovind, who goes by the name "Dr. Dino" and runs Dino Adventure Land, Faith Baptist Church, and Creation Science Evangelism in Pensacola, Florida, is being investigated by the IRS for tax evasion. IRS agent Scott Schneider said Hovind's businesses and church don't have either a business license or tax-exempt status as nonprofit enterprises. Dr. Kent Hovind * 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida [32503] Ph. 850-479-3466, e-mail, [email protected] Creation Seminar Itinerary Eric Hovind Creation Science Evangelism c/o 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, FL [32503] (850) 479-3466 more at:

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