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Memorial Day

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  • Memorial Day

    Wayne Brasch wrote:
    "Dale Eastman" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]
    Wayne Brasch wrote:
    "Dale Eastman" <[email protected]> wrote in messagenews:[email protected]>Dear Subscriber,>>On this Memorial Day, I think it only fitting to honor people>who have sacrificed, and lost much, in their heroic efforts>to defend our freedoms.>>The one that comes to mind for me is Richard Simkanin, now in>the custody of the American Gestapo.>>I'm sure this will offend some people, but I think it's>utterly silly to think that FOREIGN "powers that be" pose>anywhere near the threat to our freedom that DOMESTIC "powers>that be" do.>>And while the people off fighting foreign tyrants generally>get the praise of the American public, those (like Mr.>Simkanin) who fight the American tyrants mostly just get>funny looks from their fellow Americans. I think that's a>crying shame, and I for one would like to thank Mr. Simkanin>for fighting the just, if not yet popular, fight.>>Sincerely,>>>Larken Rose>[email protected]>>>>Past messages to this list can be found here:>;f=16>>---------------------------------------------------------------------------->To subscribe, send a blank message to [email protected]>>>Dale, where is the proof of an 861 winner? I don't see it here either.It must be that Mr. Simkanin is where he should be like anyone else whoviolates the law.Wayne Brasch
    Why is it you won't discuss the law?
    I will be happy to discuss the law when you quote it from somewhere other than the above that comes from they are. Please explain their authority. Wayne Brasch
    See my other post.

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    I am not a Certified Public Accountant, Nor do I play Paul Thomas on
    the internet.
    I am not an Enrolled Agent, Nor do I play Richard Macdonald on the
    Go look it up for yourself. That is the only way to know you have
    found the truth.

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