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"Bush praised Slovakia's tax-reform efforts during a trip there last month"

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  • "Bush praised Slovakia's tax-reform efforts during a trip there last month"

    (Andreas Tzortzis | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor)
    " .
    Last January, Slovakia became the sixth Eastern European country to adopt a
    flat tax, which means all income-earners pay the same rate. Since then,
    Romania and Georgia have followed suit, creating a global proving ground for
    the concept. In the process, flat-taxers have moved Eastern Europe from a
    Communist backwater to an investment spring - pressuring its higher-taxed
    Western neighbors to adapt to the new environment.

    US conservatives, meanwhile, hope the experience of flat-tax countries like
    Slovakia - which the World Bank named top economic reformer last year - will
    persuade President Bush to implement a flat-tax of his own.
    Flat-tax advocates - and there are many here - say the reform has encouraged
    tax compliance and added to the flow of foreign investors. But a small
    chorus of critics here worries that the uniform rate will mean less money
    for social services and make it difficult on the working class.


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