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I'm in a big mess here.

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  • I'm in a big mess here.

    1) Due to a hostile seperation and a failed business my wife had, I neglected to file taxes for 3 years.

    2) I'm retired military. I have a disability from my service time. At the time of retirement I applied for VA reponse. I never followed up (shame on me).

    3) Even after instructed to increase with-holding on my retirement pay the military only takes about $20/month for taxes on a $1200/month retirement.

    4) My present employer made an error and showed me as married with 5 dependents for at least 2 years (how I overlooked that I'll never know)

    Due to all of this I owe a substantial amount to the IRS for back taxes.

    My question(s):

    1) If I apply to the VA for disability can I claim the exemption back to the date I retired?

    2) Is there any way to claim a loss from the failed business without records which my ex-wife refuses to give to me. (I honestly don't think she has any records)

    3) What would be the chances of having my tax debt negotiated to a lower amount? Should I hire a lawyer for this?

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    You need to consult a tax professional: attorney, CPA, enrolled agent. You can likely file an amended tax return going three years back and have the tax professional assist you in making a settlement of some kind, or maybe even erasing the penalties and liabilities since this is an honest mistake. You could do this yourself, but I think you would be best served to get professional help.


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