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Employer Payroll Tax Fraud Utah

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  • Employer Payroll Tax Fraud Utah

    I have been working for a family owned and operated LLC for the past six years. I have just recently found out that employees like myself have been unknowingly paying the owners and their two sons' payroll taxes for the past 6 years, in addition to paying our own payroll taxes. What are my options for recouping this money from my greedy employer?

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    How did that work? Did more money get withheld from you than the law required? Was your W-2 falsified?


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      Do you mean they are grossing up their wages to come out to a net salary? That's not illegal.

      The owners of the LLC get to say what they will pay for out of company funds/profits. I don't see how or where this could have come out of "employee" funds, unless they are making a deduction from your paycheck for it. You should be paying 4.2% in Soc Security (up to the annual limit) and then 1.45% for Medicare and then whatever your W-4 says for withholding. Are they withholding more than that from you?

      The owners only owe you the wages that you worked for. They don't owe you any explanation on how they pay anyone else unless it is a direct deduction from your paycheck.
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