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Electronic submission of tax forms Ohio

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    A short answer is that I do not know what specific rules (if any) OH has on this.

    A longer answer is that I do know the federal rules and most (but not all) states follow the federal rules. The federal rules do not reqire a formal signature per se. What they do require is a reasonable basis to assume that the employee is the one who submitted the request. An email through a secured password protected system is a reasonable basis. Basically the email is the signture (legally). There is no formal requirement that the "form" per se be duplicated, just the content of the form. I have worked with systems with no formal "forms" but which collected the information from the employee on a screen which required specific ID/PW access, logged the request and sent summary emails to payroll and the employee of the reuqests. IRS deemed this adequate. We were in 30 or so states, and were unable to determine the rules for most states. Some states apparently had no rules on way or the other. I am going to suggest that if you comply with the federal rules that OH will probably be ok.

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    started a topic Electronic submission of tax forms Ohio

    Electronic submission of tax forms Ohio


    I received tax documents from an employee in an e-mail. Her W-4 was a scanned document with a signature on it. The State document was also e-mailed, but signed with a PDF software. I told the employee we would accept the scanned W-4 (We accept faxed, so what's the difference), but told her the other form needed to come in a different manner. I honestly didn't accept the state form because this issue has not come up much, and before I start accepting everything I wanted to ensure we were following organizational policy. My question is, am I required to accept an electronic submission of a tax form? I know they are legal, but what are the guidelines? Also, looking for best practice policies of others.

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