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UI issue

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  • UI issue

    Not sure if this is the correct sub forum for this...thought it might, please move it to the appropriate area if not, thanks

    Try to keep this short.

    I have worked for the same company for 10 years which is based in Indiana. I was living in Georgia for the last few years working from my home for them. In April of 2008 we relocated to Indiana so I could work out of the office. At this time I moved I gave them my new address and had them switch all my info and they did, on all my paycheck stubs all tax info and address and all was correctly changed. So no worries.

    In November 2008 I was laid off. Within a couple weeks I went to file for Unemployment Insurance as finding a new job is almost impossible today and even though I did not want to depend on it I wanted to make sure I had it ready to go......

    At which time Indiana tells me I have ZERO reported wages in Indiana, that ALL of my wages to current were reported to Georgia.....

    Now, because of the four quarters they look at to determine UI benefits, approximately half would have been earned in GA and the other half in IN. However because of the employer's error (which they blame on ADP, their payroll people), all of it is in GA. Georgia pays a lower max than Indiana, so I am getting about $250 a month less than I would have had it been able to be drawn on Indiana UI....

    As soon as I was told this I immediately called the company HR person, explained it to them, they said they would look into it and get back to me. Weeks go by, she can't figure out what to do so she hands me off to the company accountant who handles "UI stuff" according to her. After a couple weeks of him dragging around and telling me he "still has not gotten in touch with the right people" I called the HR director for the company. I explain it all to her and she says she will get back with me. Since then she will no longer return my calls or answer my calls.

    So I get the other HR lady on the phone, ask what is going on, where are we at with correcting this? She says that ADP messed it up, that they did nothing wrong. ADP tells them they messed it up and that ADP didn't do anything wrong.....becomes a pissing match between my former employer and I proceed to tell her I do not care nor should I care about that. What matters is that someone fix it by filing the necessary amended reports to both states.

    She tells me that they looked into it and that they determined that my UI benefits would not change if they were to make the changes, so they were not going to do anything further with it. Then asks me what I want them to do about it..???

    Amazed...I told her, fix it. Change it. It's not your job to determine how or if it affects my UI benefits, nor does that matter to them. Their responsibility is to correct the problem so that this doesn't become an issue for me down the road.

    Now I am starting to wonder about income taxes (not sure if the two relate).....GA is going to see a huge amount more income earned in GA according to my employer's reporting and I would imagine expect to see the taxes owed on it....but the fact is most of my 2008 earnings were earned in IN where I paid taxes on it to IN as I should......

    Help me please....what do I do now? Is this attorney material? I hope not. All I want is for them to fix it. I cannot fix it and I had absolutely no way of knowing it was messed up. I am having to deal with the "Interstate Claims" dept in GA over the phone which is a major PITA, takes days just to get them to answer the phone (almost always rings busy). No office to walk into and wait 5 hours to talk to someone. Not to mention I should have been able to claim UI here in Indiana at the UI office which is literally 30 feet off my front door step, and my family is out approx. $250 a month to boot......

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