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W4 incorrect, no state tax form either. Oklahoma

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  • W4 incorrect, no state tax form either. Oklahoma

    I am working for a major retailer. I worked for them in FL, under my maiden name quite a few years ago for a short time. I was told that I needed to fill out my W4 form within 7 days of hire. W4 is done on the computer, and the state tax form is supposed to go along with it.

    When I went to fill out the W4, it already had info in it....maiden name, old address in FL, and no option to change the info. FL has no state income tax, so there was no OK form for state tax.

    I was told by personnel to go ahead and choose the deductions I wanted. Then I got a popup similar to an affadavit, I suppose. The popup said that I was affirming that all info was correct. I asked personnel again, and they said I had to have the form finished. As I clicked the box, I stated that I was doing the form and that my info was incorrect.

    I was told by personnel that I need to check every few days to see if it has been updated. I have checked, and the form has not been updated.

    My worry is that my OK state tax will not be taken from the pay. I am also concerned that my check will be made out in my former (maiden) name.

    I did a search on the IRS website and it stated that I need to request/inform my employer that my info is incorrect, and that if it is not corrected, there can be fines levied against the employer.

    How long do I need to keep checking on this? I really don't want to have to pay a gigantic lump sum to the state of OK for my income taxes.

    Thanks for reading my book here.

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    You have several issues.
    - Your state is not my state. But according to the BNA payroll library, OK does not actually have it's own withholding form and just uses the federal W-4 form.
    - The other issue is your name. When you here hired, the employer got your name from your SS card, not the W-4. The rules the employer must work under are very clear that name changes come from the SS card, not the W-4. The following is from IRS publication 15.

    Correctly record the employee's name. Record the name and number of each employee as they are shown on the employee's social security card. If the employee's name is not correct as shown on the card (for example, because of marriage or divorce), the employee should request a corrected card from the SSA. Continue to report the employee's wages under the old name until the employee shows you an updated social security card with the new name.

    - One last point. The larger the employer, the more specialized the staff. You said you talked to "personnel". You might get a more nuanced answer if you talked directly to payroll.
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      Thank you!

      I did provide the proper ID docs (photo ID with my married name, and my SS card, again with my married info). I spoke with one of the managers tonight and was given the phone number for payroll. I am going to call them first thing in the morning to see if I can get this straightened out.

      I will keep the thread updated.

      Thank you so much.


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        My information was corrected by the payroll department, so all is well in Oklahoma.

        Thank you very much.


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          No problem. Not all employers are evil. Some are merely less then competent. And in my experience, the bigger the company, the more specialized everyone seems to get. For any issue, there is often at least one person who knows what they are doing. Finding that person is sometimes challenging.
          "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away".
          Philip K. **** (1928-1982)


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