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California W-2's

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  • California W-2's

    Hi, I worked in California last year. I moved back home to Indiana in October. However, it is March 23rd & I still have not recieved one of my W-2's from an employer in CA. I wrote a letter requesting it about a month ago & I also called 2 weeks ago & gave them my new address. When I called, the manager told me that I could come in & pick it up, the W-2's are all still there. I told him I am in Indiana, ect. I have been waiting for this one W-2. I really detest doing my taxes at the last minute. Isn't there a law that all W-2's are supposed to be sent to the last known address in January? Is that law a state or a federal law? My last known address would have been okay because it is my in-laws house & they sent my other mail to me, but this one wasn't sent at all.
    What can I do in case they never send it? It should have been here by now.....
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    If you don't get a W-2 from the employer, alert the IRS by calling (800) 829-1040 . They will send notice to the employer that you haven't received a W-2, with a copy to you. If you still don't get it, fill out IRS Form 4852 to submit with your taxes.
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        What To Do....i Found Out!!!!

        The employer IS NOT legally required to send your W-2 to the last known address of the employee, by January 31st.......CRAZY HUH???
        Miss Weaver at the IRS told me that the ONLY THING the employer HAS TO LEGALLY DO IS "MAKE THE W-2's AVAILABLE" to the employees. This does not mean the employer has to mail W-2's, or call the employees or anything like that. The way that my previous employer made the W-2's "AVAILABLE" was to tell me to come & pick it up at the business. Now, my previous job is in California & I currently live in Indiana. So, Miss Weaver said because there is NO WAY I can obviously pick my W-2 up, it is not technically AVAILABLE to me.
        The rules are: you have to notify the employer of your situation, send the employer a letter with your current address, along with a "self-addressed, stamped envelope". After you have done this, you also need to call the employer & notify them of the situation. (I personally called my employer TWICE, left 2 messages for the owner & I sent a handwritten letter with my new address. Technically, if he would have sent it to my last known adress, I would have recieved it no matter what!!)

        If you have done ALL of these things, & still no reply or W-2, call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. You will need to provide your name, address w/zip code, phone #, dates of employment, employer's name, employer's address w/zip code, employer's phone #. So have your info ready.
        If you have done everything on this list, the IRS will first call your employer & notify them of the situation. Then, the IRS will also send the employer a W-2 Complaint Letter on your behalf. The employer will have 10 days FROM THE DAY THEY RECIEVE the W-2 Complaint Letter to respond & send you your W-2 information.
        The IRS will also send you a Form 4852 (PDF), which is a substitute for the FORM W-2 or Form 1099-R. BE SURE TO KEEP A COPY OF THE FORM 4852 FOR YOURSELF!!!!(see 2nd to last paragraph)
        If, after ALL OF THIS, you still DO NOT recieve your W-2 in time for April 14th, you will have to guesstimate your Salary & the Tax Withholdings for that job, that year. Hopefully you have your paycheck stubs or something....I sure don't!!!
        If, after April 14th, you FINALLY recieve you W-2 from your employer, & anything you put on your FORM 4852 was INCORRECT, you will have to fill out a FORM 1040X-Amended Tax Return & fix the mistake!!!!

        WHAT A PAIN IN THE YOU-KNOW-WHAT!!!!! There SHOULD be a law where the employer HAS to send the W-2's out before January 31st. I'm sure they can spring for a few stamps & envelopes!!! I don't know where that rumor started, but I've heard it my ENTIRE WORKING LIFE!!!!!! I guess it's just wishful thinking on the majority of the U.S. population's part!!!!!!!
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