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1099/subcontracter Georgia

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  • 1099/subcontracter Georgia

    ok i am a driver for a company driving their vehicle they pay insurance on picking up their clients. i have clean inside out vehicle everyday i drive as well as pay for all the fuel i am 1099 given a ck. an my pay stub is a small postit that has date i worked and amount paid, but the company on all credit card payments as well as checks when a tip is put in tip section for me company told me they are in 30% tax bracket an my tips are not seperated there for 20%of all my tips is taken out by co. and on the postit if tip was $100. then i get $80. i do not see why co. taxes my tips wen i am 1099 i also was told the post it is my 1099 form that if the co. cpa has to do my wages break down that i will have to pay for all the 20% on tips co took out i did not get??? i thought that the companys cpa's job is to break down my income and seperate my tips that if i am 1099 they do not have to pay any tax on my tips and that it is their job to provide me at tax time with proper form showing what they paid me an my tips broke down as well, something is not rite with the whole 1099 sub contracter an 20% on all tips on cc or ck. taken out could this be more a employee not independent contracter deal it is a limo biz. i drive their limo pay 4 fuel do maintance etc. any clue???

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    Sounds like you are not even close to meeting any of the IRS requirements of being an independent contractor. Basically they are screwing you at every turn. Still working for them?


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