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6 Days Til Statute Expires - any suggestions Pennsylvania

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  • 6 Days Til Statute Expires - any suggestions Pennsylvania

    As advised by our lawyer, this most likely is a lost cause, but perhaps someone knows something we are not thinking of. We bought our house in 2003. Previous owner listed on Seller's Disclosure under the any known water issues (basement,) "yes" and wrote "one time there had been an unusually large rainstorm. We had a small amount of water in basement - this was due to a clogged drain." He then checked off that the problem had been remediated. (He had owned & lived in the house for four years.) We have been stuck with a flooding, mold ridden basement for four years now!!! Neighbors & reputable waterproofers / mold remediators have confirmed indications of a long existing problem.

    My last ditch question....does anyone know if realtors would have to make some note (perhaps kept privately) of anything that they observe, notice when they prepare to list a property? We think that the seller & the agent may have known each other prior to selling the house...they seemd a little "chummy." But who knows. If anyone has any insight into what a realtor should or could've known, and if there is a way to find out...please share any insight you may have.

    The only "slim chance" we were told, was that if the seller's realtor knew about the flooding, we would have to prove the he had reason to know of the damage from the problem in the basement. There is something called the Real Estate Recovery Act, that would kick in and cover any judgement in our favor
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