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Old v New Survey Oregon RE: ORS12.050

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  • Old v New Survey Oregon RE: ORS12.050

    There is a 1947 survey on my property. I bought it in 1994, it is 5 acres in Lane county. A neighbor recently got a new survey for their first time. The fence lines are about 15 feet different between surveys. There were six 60 year old trees that had to be removed for utility power lines I had relocated, located within 10 feet of the property line. My survey says their mine and his says their his. This neighbor now wants to make a big deal out of this, two full years after the fact. This because I just got county approval to put a house in the pasture and he doesn't like that.
    ORS12.280 say surveys over ten years old cannot be challenged. I have been manicuring the land since 1994.
    My survey says the fence line is 15 feet inside my side of the property line. So I removed 30 feet of it to get to the trees.
    Don't I have "grandfathering rights" or adverse possession ? If this guy expects me to pay for the trees should I tell him to climb one?
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