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Can a property be rented in order to evict an owner? Michigan

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  • Can a property be rented in order to evict an owner? Michigan

    Ok so the short story is a plot of land is owned by 5 siblings. 3 of them live out of state. 1 of them is living on this property, but for a large number of reasons, 3 of the sibling want him to not be living on the property. In arizona, you can rent posession of a property with only a majority of signatures. I am wondering if this is true in michigan and if so, is there anything that would prevent us from renting the property to a 3rd party so that the 1 owner currently abusing the land can be evicted from it?

    Thank you for any help in advance.

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    No one who posts here is a specialist in Michigan real estate law, so you may need to consult a local attorney. If there are issues with the current occupant not paying rent or your not wanting him to be there, renting to someone else is not the best way to deal with it.
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      I'm aware that any info on this forum isnt considered professional legal advice. I'm also aware that people on the internet have been known to lie or propagate misinformation... but sometimes people know things or can steer me in the right direction.

      The person currently residing on the property has a 1/5th ownership in the property (it was inherited so there was no signed agreement between the 5 of them). He refuses to get a job, refuses to pay the taxes, and is not keeping up with maintainence with the house and is letting it go to hell. Therefore 3 of the other property owners want him anywhere but there, but they all live out of state and he refuses to leave. He also will not make the house available to any of them to stay at when they are in state (he basically wont let them in the house which really adds insult to injury because they own property but have to stay in a hotel).

      My real estate license comes from arizona and in this state the property could be rented (even to 1 of the other owners) without the consent of all owners, at which point he would be contractually obligated to leave and could be evicted by the new tenant because posession (but not ownership) of the property was signed away.

      I'm wanting to know if anything like that can be done in michigan because thats where the property is located.


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        You'll need to consult a Michigan attorney to get the answers to your questions.
        I am not able to respond to private messages. Thanks!


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          If you're not getting an answer here, it's because no one knows the
          answer. (or no one that has come along already)

          Your best bet is to talk to a Mi. attorney as suggested.
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