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Western New York - lease for an aprtment in a house with 4 apartments

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  • Western New York - lease for an aprtment in a house with 4 apartments

    My landlord put in the lease that me, the tenant I have to remove the snow in the winter in front of the house.
    I do not understand why not the landlord has to do that because i live at the first floor and above me is another apartment and i i remove the snow what the other person is doing?
    Be side I do not really know how to do it.
    Also the landlord put in the lease it is forbidden to have nails on walls to hang whatever I want including curtains etc.
    I never had a such restricted lease but I could not afford to stay at the hotel anymore and I took the apartment.
    IN the previous place it was written is ok if you have an hair clog at the bathroom, it is normal wear and tears.
    Also wrote that I have to clean the windows although I did not get clean windows in spring.
    Also at the check in list wrote for everything "excellent" just because is new, I am the first tenant in the apartment after the renovation, but really the quality is cheap and just because is new it does not mean is excellent all the cheap stuff that is damage when is touched.

    One of their relative leave in the apartment in top of mine and anytime they come there to visit and see my light on in apartment ring the bell but really I do not want to talk to them, Last time I did not open the door.

    Next year I will move to another with house management not with landlords but this year I have to survive here.
    Is it there any tenant guide for western New York I can read?
    Thank you

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    I have found statements online that landlords can transfer their responsibility to remove snow to a tenant in New York via a lease, so it sounds like your landlord has not breached any law by making you responsible for snow removal in your lease. If you signed the lease without thoroughly reviewing it, your kind of stuck with it, although you are free to take it to a local real estate attorney to have it reviewed in its entirety to see if it is all legally enforceable.
    I am not able to respond to private messages. Thanks!


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      Here's a tenant's rights guide for N Y.
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        I was reading that too
        "Landlords are required to handle snow removal in New York state. However, the responsibility of snow removal may be transferred from a landlord to a tenant through the lease agreement."

        It is not written in my lease "take care of snow removal"

        but my house is 2 floors and 4 apartments.
        2 are at the first floor and 2 at the second floor.
        I am at the first floor
        in my lease is written
        'if the premises consists of first floor space adjacent to the street the tenant the agrees to keep any adjacent sidewalk and curb clean and free from snow, ice, obstruction and trash."
        Also in my lease is written
        the following services and utilities are to be paid for by the tenant: gas and electricity - i get a monthly bill and it is winter in the lease i get a bill, then snow removal, parking I do not know if this is included in the rent or what.
        and the landlord pays for water/sewer, trash removal, lawn maintenance.

        I talked to a colleague today and he said to me if the medical conditions does not allowed me to do it I can say that.
        I had multiple surgery and I cannot lift weights and stay in cold for long period of time.
        What to do now?
        Thank you!
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