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please help!!! grandmother of disabled baby trying to evict us!!! Virginia

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  • Betty3
    See posted
    previously & reply there if you have an answer for OP so we don't have 2
    threads possibly going with answers. This current thread will be the duplicate.

    Duplicate thread.

    OP; since you just posted the original thread a couple of days ago, you "might"
    still get an answer. All responders do not post every day & it's the weekend.
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  • cbg
    This board is staffed by volunteers, and sadly we do not always have someone who feels qualified to answer every question for every state. If no one has responded to your first post, that means that no one who responds on this board feels that they know the answer. Posting a second time will not change that.

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  • please help!!! grandmother of disabled baby trying to evict us!!! Virginia

    i want to start saying that i gave birth to a 12 week premature baby that had a tumor half the size of her body. she had the tumor removed and blood tests kept going up she underwent chemotherapy. as if being premature isnt enough to overcome having cancer on top of it. also the tumor caused permant damage to her bladder and kidneys and nerve damage to both legs. the extent of the damage is unknown. due to all the hospital stays (we lived 2 1/2 hours from the hospital) my husband lost his job. we were unable to keep up with the bills so we decided to move into an abandoned trailer my mother owns and fix it up. she agreed that we could live there and knew the extent of work that was needed to make it liveable. the water lines had froze and burst and ruined all the floors so it all had to be replaced. we spent over $3000 to fix up this trailer. we are almost finished and now my mom wants to kick us out. all of the money and work came from us, no help from anyone. how can a mother and a grandmother kick her own daughter and grandkids out on the street. we have no place to go. the baby is my 3rd child. just want to add that my husband found a new job he starts tonight!!
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