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contents in rented storage unit!! Arizona

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  • contents in rented storage unit!! Arizona

    I rent a storage unit that is located underneath an apartment building. Last week the landlord informed me that the sink from the apartment above the unit has been leaking for quite some time and there might be some minor damage to the contents in the unit. When I went to assess the situation myself, I found EXTENSIVE damage. The landlord had, in the meantime, removed some of the contents (including antique furniture, etc.) and had just thrown them in the hallway. Most of the furniture is damaged beyond repair. I have lost a lot not only monetarily, but also sentimental value. The landlord has offered a month's free rent on the storage as compensation. I feel that this is by no means close to satisfactory but am not sure what my rights are concerning this. Can anyone please advise me on what I should do.

    Frustrated in AZ

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    I'm really sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately he doesn't even have to offer you that. It's why it's really important to have renters insurance. Most people think that if their rental has a fire, flood, etc.. that the LL's insurance covers them but it doesn't. It only covers the LL's loss.

    These days more and more LL's are requiring their tenants to obtain renters insurance. I think that's smart and we hope to own rental property some day and we will require it.


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      Does the landlord own the storage area also? I dissagree, that there is nothing you can do. You paid for a safe storage of your belongings, storage units carry insurance,so when things happen, it is covered. If he does not have insurance, that does not mean that he is not responsible for HIS leaky faucet. I would contact an attorney for some advise. Take pictures of everything! The ceiling, that will show the damage from the leaking, your property, and how it was damaged. I could be wrong, but I feel that he is 100% liable for this damage. It may be different if it was caused by a freak storm, but this damage was caused by bad plumbing, that was the LL responsibility to fix in the first place. His neglect to fix the plumbing, is what caused the damage to your property. I hope someone comes along and helps with some information, I will let you know if I find some.

      I have found a site that states that an owner does not have to offer insurance, but on this page it also described tenants taking the LL to court anyhow, and lawyer settling out of court, to avoid high attorney fees, and court costs. I stil think that since this was neglect, and not an act of god, that the LL is liable, but I am not an attorney, so I am not 100% sure!
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        tubowray, there is absolutely nothing in the original post that indicates that the landlord knew that there was a plumbing problem and failed to fix it. It was leaking into a storage unit that the OP visited infrequently, at best, which is likely the primary reason why it wasn't noticed immediately.
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          Understood Marketeer, does the OP have any recourse at all here, I am not aware of any, since I have read, and the LL does not have to offer insurance?


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            Would there be any recourse against the upstairs tenant who apparently didn't report the leak? Long shot, I'm sure, but...


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              Katja, please do not reply to old threads - this thread is from 2006. Thanks.
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