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Help! Maryland scam!

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  • Help! Maryland scam!

    Please take a few minutes to read what my situation is and let me know if I have any recourse:

    I feel that these people have seriously taken advantage of me in more ways than one and I am afraid that they will do this to someone else.

    I currently live in New Zealand but previously lived in Waldorf, Maryland. I met these counselors when I was going through some extreme emotional problems. I was a patient of theirs and considered them my friends. I started getting counseling from them in 2002.

    When I told them that I was thinking about going to New Zealand in 2003 and that I would have to sell my house. After this they befriended me. Taking me to dinner. Going to movies. We even shared Thanksgiving together. I really believed that they were my friends.

    After they explained to me that they were having financial difficulties, I thought I would be able to help them by letting them use my house as an office and accommodation, by putting their practice downstairs and they live upstairs so that they could save money. They also wanted your very ill mother to be close by as she needed a lot of attention. And they couldn't afford a house in Waldorf as well as an office as they were having financial difficulties. So when I mentioned about wanting to leave the US and see what New Zealand had to offer with my partner they put the idea to me as a way of solving my renting or selling the house and they'd have a house in Waldorf to live in ,care for their mother in and also to practice in and I wouldn't have to worry about the stress involved with renting/selling a house from overseas. It seemed like they were doing a very friendly thing.

    I signed the power of attorney so that they could take care of the premises, as this would make it easier while I was out of the country. They used this power of attorney without my knowledge to put the title in their name and are now in the process of selling my house with out even giving me any thought in this matter. The only purpose of the power of attorney was so that they could take care of the premises while I was gone.

    The only way I found out about the potential sale was when the buyer did a title search and discovered that the mortgage was still in my name and that the title was transferred via a power of attorney and not via a Bill of Sale (because I never sold them my house). They thought this sounded fishy, so they contacted me in New Zealand to ask about my intentions.

    Needless to say, I am shocked about this. These people are in the process of stealing my house. I have no money for an attorney and I am an emotional wreck over this. How can they do this to me?

    I feel that they have seriously crossed the line between patient/consoler relationships. I feel this whole situation was unethical as they were with me advising me to so some thing at my most confused and emotionally distraught time.

    I was in a deep depression at the time and they took advantage of me and as my consoler they knew that.

    I am asking and pleading to you to please help me save my house and to save my sanity.

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    revoke the power of attorney, then ask for an injunction to halt the sale, and notify any realtors involved that the power exercised was outside the scope of the power of attorney; local legal counsel should be located and retained to help you deal with these issues

    ps. if you have no money, file it yourself, but you will need to be in court in person without an attorney
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      unethical counselors

      You should also contact the American Counseling Association ( and file a complaint against the counselors. What they did to you was DEFINENTLY unethical and therefore illegal. You would have to write the American Counseling Association a letter explaining what happened and mail it to the address provided. This may take a while and the counselors will be allowed to give details about the counseling session to the association but they very likely would not be allowed to practice in the United States if found guilty. Hope this helps


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        You need to cloud (encumber) the title right away in order to prevent "the counselors" from any further dealings with the property. Filing a Lis Pendens would be a good start. A lis pendens is notice that there is a pending lawsuit against "the counselors" and the property.

        If you able to speak to "the counselors" you may indicate to them that you intend on filing a complaint with the police for fraud or conspiracy to commit fraud unless they quit claim the property back to you immediately.

        Eklaw has some good suggestions as well. You should have an attorney involved - the cost of losing your property pales in comparison to attorney fees.

        Steve @


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          You guys are returning a post that is a year old.
          Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

          I am not now nor ever was an attorney.

          Any statements I make are based purely upon my personal experiences and research which may or may not be accurate in a court of law.


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