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Administrative Processing /Case Reason/ Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B

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  • Administrative Processing /Case Reason/ Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B

    I am in the same boad Need help regard this matter

    My First US H1B visa issued on 2005 to 2008

    After i applied again for Renewal H1B on 2008 and its succssfully approved. But i cannot fly to usa due to family reason and my visa expired on Sept 2011.

    Due to family problem i could not use my H1b visa but i am eligilble for 6 year time frame

    Again i applied for Renewal H1B visa at New Delhi Consulate on 26 Nov 2012 with different sponcer(Company)
    At the time of interview VO did not issue any slip.

    But after one week Consular required additional document from my company and they submitted on 8th Dec2012

    After two weeks i checked my status was necessary under Administrative processing

    Last week i sent email to US Consulate about my process (almost over 60 days date of interview).

    They replied me your case Under Administravtive processing --- (Case Reason : Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B.
    Please be informed that your documents are under the Consulate process. Request you to kindly wait till the process completed.)

    My Question
    1).Is that mean my case refused ?
    2).Is there some chances to get approval?
    3).Why case reason is Hold /221G and Refusals/214B ?

    I talked with my attorney regarding case reason sent by consulate he advised me to do not call them its just administrative processing thats not mean u got refusal.

    Please share your knowledge ragarding this.

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    Administrative Processing /Case Reason/ Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B

    I am waiting reply for my post

    Administrative Processing = Case Reason/ Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B

    Is that mean my case is under process 221g and 214g?

    If my case processing Completed(Closed) successfully then chances for Approval?

    Two weeks ago Attorney called DOS regarding my case update DOS give simple answer is like your case under process AP (PIMS)

    please share your knowledge

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      Administrative Processing /Case Reason/ Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B

      Please guys reply me

      I emailed to ustraveldocs but they response me given below:

      (Case Reason : Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B).
      Please be informed that your documents are under the Consulate process. Request you to kindly wait till the process completed.

      Please let me know it is just processing under AP or they already decided to refuse my visa?

      please update me regarding that


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        Apparently no one who has read your post has been able to answer it. In your first post you mention having a lawyer - you might want to take his/her advice.

        It "seems" your case is still being processed.

        You can try doing a google search for an immigration/visa forum & post your question there.
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          Things take time. The Government runs real slow, and all you can do is wait. I have had cases take years to settle, with as much as a year to get a decision. (These were not immigration) You have a lawyer, just keep on with your life, and as long as you do not commit any crimes, you should not have problems. I am not an expert, so that is just an observation in a general experience.


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            This board is run by volunteers and it's the weekend. Have patience.

            When someone who knows the answer sees your question, they'll respond.
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