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k-1 visa denied Missouri

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  • k-1 visa denied Missouri

    My Fiance' and I were waiting for our interview in the US Embassy in the Philippines. We had all the legal documents we were told to bring and even had made sure they were all Originals. One week earlier we finished the physical and passed it. Ok now the story. We went to window 14 which is a pre interview window. No problem right wrong the lady kept asking my fiance' when she was born. and told her dont lie to me when were you born. My fiance told her several times the date month and year. and place where she was born.(We also had a copy of the Orginal stamp certifacate Birth Certifcate from the NSO) the lady told my fiance she was lying. not once but serveral times she said dont lie to me. And then after we gave her the copy which she asked for showed it to another person and started writing on the form. Then she asked her if she was ever married and she told them no why and again the lady said dont lie to me . Ok now we have two reasons against us on this interview and my fiance is not very happy and upset. so the lady keeps writing and has her sign a piece of paper stating her birthdate and we gave it back to her. and we went and sat down.

    We had two hour wait again. for our next interview. this time it was at window 32. a man asked the same questions and my fiance still denied what they were trying to get her to say she was married and had a different birthdate and place where she was born.

    The Officer said your lying and you this is case is denied. your paper work is being sent back to the states.

    When we got our records from the release window he put that she committed fraud. Even though we had all legal documetnts that they asked for and they would not show us any of there records at this time.

    We went back to the NSO and got recopies of her Birthcertificate which is correct and also got another copy of her police record which has ok to travel to the usa on it. Not the one that asia travel only.

    So now what do we do. I have called my attorney and he dont belive what has happen and we will have a very hard time to change there minds at the embassy. plus it will now cost a lot more,

    Can any one help us in this matter of what to do next. thank you
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