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Court cases

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  • Court cases

    The following is an article I found interesting. Often when cases get reported in the popular press, the reporters apparently fail to actually read the decisions and get a lot of their reporting wrong. The following is a case in point.

    Past that, even when the facts are gotten right, the conclusions are often wrong. If (for example) we have 100 court cases all saying that same thing and one court case saying something different, the one different court case (generally) does not somehow cause of the other court cases to go away. The one different court case legally means something, but it rarely means everything. Popular articles often fail to spell out just how significant the case is. If we have one case in one court jurisdiction at a low level, that is barely a blip on the radar in the other court jurisdictions. An appellate level decision means a lot more, but say a 9th circuit court decision does not automatically affect future decisions outside of the circuit. Supreme court decisions are of course huge because all other courts must recognize those decisions.
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    The press seems to get wrong what they don't understand.

    My nephew was a micro-preemie. The local paper did a story on him and got 90% of it wrong. They had to retract the story and rewrite it. The reason give was that the writer (who interviewed my sister at length in her home) didn't understand the procedures my sister was describing. That doesn't explain why the writer got my sister's name wrong though.


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      Like they say - don't believe everything you read.
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        You have to remember that most reporters were journalism majors who don't understand the law or the basics of jurisprudence. Similarly, whenever you read a news story about some scientific study or medical research, you have to consider the source. They very often get the gist of the story wrong.

        These were basically C-level students who could not get into pre-law, pre-med, or a science program even if they had an interest in those fields. They were people who "liked to write" and "wanted to make a difference in the world."

        At least today, we can read news articles like this online, and then click links for the original sources, or look the info up separately on our own. Just think of all the years people just had to swallow what the TV news reporters and newspapers said. But nowadays such ignorance is by choice only.


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