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Can I fight this inspection ticket ? New Jersey

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  • Can I fight this inspection ticket ? New Jersey

    I had bought my car in NY on 9/20/2016 but had it registered in NJ. The car was inspected in NY and good until 9/30/2017. I get pulled over by the cop hanging out on the side of the road waiting to run plates on people who get off a major route. He tells me that my car isn't inspected. I tell him it is and show him the paper work. He says it needs to be inspected in NJ if I have NJ plates. He gives me a $130 ticket (no points). So I go to the DMV 2 days later and get in the inspection line to go into the building where they run tests on cars. Before I go in, the guy asks "What year is your car" and I respond 2014. He tells me that the car doesn't have to be inspected because its so new and to go around to the office to get a sticker. The guy literally gave a me a sticker and I didn't pay a dime.

    My question is can I fight this inspection ticket? I didn't have to be inspected as my car was young enough to have that waived and I didn't have to pay NJ anything for the free sticker. I wasn't putting the environment or anyone else on the road in danger by not having a NJ inspection sticker and I didn't owe the NJ government money (as they gave me a free sticker). Can I fight this?

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    You are welcome to try.
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      I guess the better question is do if i have good chance to fight this?


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