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no more "adult" language on LLT?

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  • no more "adult" language on LLT?

    It now seems the site is screening out "grown-up" words. That's kind of silly. I know we should not be throwing around the F-bomb or using 4 or 5 of George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words, but aren't we grown-ups who can handle seeing the word "a$$" or terms like "the **** crows in the morning"? (another word for rooster)

    Someone has even quoted an author whose last name is D followed by -ick and now that is showing up as all asterisks. Silly.

    I could not even post the name John Han**** (one of the founding fathers whose large signature is found on the Declaration of Independence).

    I know people under 18 can come here, but they are supposedly under parental supervision when online (and if they aren't that's the parents' problem). But I don't even think kiddies these days are harmed by colorful language.

    I vote for posters using discretion in their use of language, and moderators cutting or blocking individual posts that might contain extremely offensive language, but not censoring the whole site to the point of absurdity.
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    It's probably not for us, but for porn spammers. Unfortunately, they spoil it for everyone.
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      I had to put this in because of the post I came across were putting them in almost every other word. This is only to make the forum more appropriate for other's and user's that don't type these words.


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        But Han**** and Philip K ****?????? You might have the profanity filter dialed just a little too high.


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          As Alice said, someone always has to spoil things for everyone else.
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            Sure but on LLT you can't even mention ****ing your gun.

            (That was the "rooster" C-word again that also describes what you do with a gun that is not single-action.)


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              The filters are set up on a idiot proof format, which means not even an idiot can fix them. It is not specific words, but settings. (Filter on high)

              It looks to me that until someone invents a better filter, then this is as good as we can expect.

              Do we want * or do we want the porn spammers? I will take the * for now.


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                I'd rather they dial back the setting to maybe 90% instead of 100%.
                What if someone wants to quote the **** Van Dyke Show?


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                  I think it is 0%, 50%, or 100%....Nothing in between.


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                    I think that LLT has a real issue (bad language) that will bit them in the hinny if they do not address it. It is easier to address a small problem now, then overkill later. I think that they have taken the best action available to them. Not a perfect action, but this is not a perfect world. And it is not like any of us are in certain cities in Australia right now standing on the roofs of our houses. In the overall scale of things, this is a very trivial issue.
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                      DAW, that seems to be your take on a lot of things. While I respect how centered and grounded you are (I would like a prescription for whatever you take!) and while I agree that this isn't an issue on par with life & death or national security, it's still an issue I found worth posting about.

                      Are all issues, big and small, worth discussing? My complaining about the language filter is not the primary focus of my life, nor is it my primary concern here at LLT. But that doesn't mean I should not post about it, in a forum about site issues.

                      I know you probably didn't mean to invalidate or belittle anyone, but whenever someone says "in the grand scheme of things, how important is this, really?" or calls an issue "trivial" it can be taken as a bit of an insult. I wasn't screaming & yelling about it, or over-reacting, but just discussing it calmly with a bit of sarcasm.

                      If we limited all our conversations, live on online, to truly important monumental issues, there would be little dialogue at all.


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                        There is no setting's for the language it is only the words that I put in a list. The words were added from a list of words that shouldn't be used on a forum unless they want that language on there forum. Any problems p.m. me about this.


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                          So John Han**** is on the list?

                          Guess we can never discuss **** Cheney.


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                            I have no reason to discuss Mr. Cheney.

                            Honestly, it is what it is. I have bigger problems to worry about.
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                              The words that are ****, are the words that can't be seen even if that implies a name of a person or even a place. Users can look at it and all they need to do is take a second to figure out what word is missing.


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