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Canceling an Acknowledgment of Paternity Wisconsin

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  • Canceling an Acknowledgment of Paternity Wisconsin

    My 25 year old sons recently found out he is not the father of his live in girlfriend's baby.
    He signed the Acknowledgment of Paternity when the baby was born and it is already past the 60 day period (over a year already) to contest.
    What are his options in Wisconsin if he wants to cencel his acknowledgment? Is it even possible to do and how likely is it that it would get cancelled?
    Really could use some help on this if anyone has gone through this or has information on the subject...he is going through a lot.

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    You say you found out how? In order to have his named removed from birth certicate and have him relieved as child's "legal Father" you (or he) will need to some things.

    . A real court approved DNA test that proves he is not Father
    . Knowledge of who actual Father is and his particpation in assuming role as legal Father


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      He took a DNA test and found out. We don't for sure know the legal Dad but have an idea...based on what we know of him he will not step forward as the father.


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        Several problems:

        A. If the DNA test was not court ordered or approved it means squat
        B. Without knowing who Bio Dad is and asking him to take test to prove paternity again means squat
        C. If bio Dad wants nothing to do with child again hes screwed
        D. This is not your issue! Your son needs to step up to right this wrong but all of the above still apply


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          What sucks is he didn't do anything wrong...he stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for what he thought was his. She was in the wrong for lying to him and convincing him not to take the DNA. He was trying to work things out with her...again trying to do what was right for the didn't want to force the DNA to take place. Unfortunately he was too nice a guy and didn't realize her true intentions until it was too late.
          You are correct that it is not my problem but as a parent I am ALWAYS going to be there to help them through life. I'm not one to say bye bye at 18 like some.


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            Check your PMs I sent you some info that might be helpful to and others with your help


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