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  • please help Wisconsin

    I'm a seventeen year old girl in Wisconsin, and I just found out I'm pregnant. I really need an abortion, but in order to get one I'd need parental consent, which is where I run into a problem. There's no way I can tell my parents about it, and even if I could there is absolutely no way they would ever consent to me having an abortion. They're super religious and totally anti-choice, plus, they already keep me on an incredibly short leash so if they found out I've had sex, they'd probably lock me up in my room and never let me out. I also don't have an aunt, uncle, or sibling who could give their consent instead.

    So the only option I have right now is to get a court order so I can skip the parental consent part, but I really don't know how to proceed about doing that. Please help.

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    You want us to tell you how to bypass your parents to abort your child!?

    You need a shorter leash!


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      Call Planned Parenthood immediately. Here's a link to their Wisconsin clinics.

      They can help you with your options. As for your parents, you sure haven't givent them reason to trust you, I'd probably lock you up myself, althought it's a bit like locking the barn door after the horse is out.

      It's time for you to grow up and make responsible decisions, and not have an abortion just to get rid of the evidence of your irresponsible behavior. There are other choices, and people who can help you consider all of them, including facing your parents. If you weren't willing to tell your parents what you were up to, you're not grown up enough to have sex anyway.

      You have the right to choose, and I support that completely, but that doesn't make your choice right.
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