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Any advice? Wisconsin

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  • Any advice? Wisconsin

    I live in Wisconsin and my 17 year old lives with his gparents in Texas. When he left here at 14 he was supposed to live with his father, but you know how that can go. My son has become out of control (drugs, drinking, stealing) and his grandparents want to send him back to me after the school year. I can't let my son live here, due to the hell he put us through trying to get out of here at age 14 and do not want him influencing my 11 year old. His father will not take him (he lives out of state and does not have custody). I am not rich, does anyone have any ideas or resources I can turn to to find my son a place to live until he is 18? Could I legally tell him to work it own on his own and stay in Texas where he currently resides? I just don't know what to do. I may also have a problem with the legal system in Texas, I found out today that the school is investigating him for distribution of drugs(pills). Any help or info is appreciated.

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    Who has legal custody of your son? That person is legally responsible for him. If it is the grandparents, they cannot force you to take him back. If it is you, you MUST take him back.

    If you are looking for resources for dealing with children with these types of problems, you may consider teenage boot camp (just Google teen boot camp). Most will work on payment plan options, and while it doesn't always work, it can be an effective option.


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      You will always be his Mother!!

      He is YOUR son right? Being a parent is a very difficult job and its not one you can run from. He may be acting out because his Father and his Mother do not want anything to do with him. With that being said, have you looked into job corps. They have them all over the country and he can get an education and discipline at the same time. Its too soon to give up on him, there are plenty of teenagers who have unfortunately fell victim to drinking, drugs and stealing and got their lives back on track and become outstanding citizens. Im not condoning his drinking and drugging but when you feel like nobody loves you it is a deep terrible pain and it sound like hes using to numb the pain. I think all of you should get counseling and take it from there. God bless you all and good luck.


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        Wisconsin National Guard Challenge Academy


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