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Not only has she decided that I am a man, she has chosen a specific one. She keeps calling me Sonny. She's trying to accuse you of being the disguised reappearance of another soc.men poster, "Sunny", a lady from Wisconsin, USA. Nevermind that Wisconsin and Ontario don't even share a border.
So this Sunny must use US spelling rather than Canadian like I do. Yet more
evidence that we are different people.
For Carol Ann, geography is nothing more than a patriarchal construct that oppresses the feminist art of always being right. Carol Ann believes that Manitoba is a place in Africa, and that Malaysian and Indonesian are the same nationality. I AM NOT making this up!
I have to admit, geography is just the sort of nasty thing that patriarchy
would do. <g>
Sunny of Wisconsin announced recently that she would take a three-week vacation to Ireland, so Carol Ann's seizing upon your appearance as an opportunity to make herself look even more foolish.
Not only do I have an extensive posting history under this name, a regular
soc.men particant knows me in real life and can vouch that I am genuine.
She must realize that her claims about me are untrue. This disregard for
truth makes her appear worse than merely foolish.
Why all the fuss from her? You disagreed with her. In fact, you have been more polite and mature towards Carol Ann than any poster I can remember. Yet you caught her wrath in less than a week. This is also ironic, because she quickly disparages anyone whose wit is better than hers as using "attempteddenigrationalone" instead of dispassionate debate. Notice that she cannot meet her own oh-so-lofty standards.
That's interesting. I would not have guessed that she had a preference for
dispassionate debate.

I was impressed by Ralph Dubose's analysis that Grizzlie Antagonist reposted. I thought RD's comments made a lot of sense. He said "what's her names primary goal is to inflict pain and disturbance into the emotions of men, rather than confront their intellect," and "her game is a nihilistic exercise in the pointless wounding of other peoples emotions." Excellent analysis. That surely describes her apparent goal, but it's one she doesn't seem able to meet. She may eventually raise the hackles of some folks, but even they soon see what she really is and then either ignore her or continue to poke a rhetorical stick into her cage.
I find it very disturbing that she seems to want to hurt men. It seems so