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Illegal??????? Washington

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  • Illegal??????? Washington

    I am 15 and living in the state of wahsington. My boyfriend is 22. We do not have sex but he is worried that we are still breaking the law by just dating. Is it really against the law????
    Please respond i need to know!!!!!

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    If your parents say it is all right, you're fine. If your parents say no, then that's the ball game and it's no.

    However, the minute he touches you in any way that is more stimulating than a high five, he's walking a very dangerous line. To quote another poster, if you do anything that you couldn't do in the front pew of the church on Christmas morning with your parents in the pew behind, he's dog meat.

    And while I know you won't believe me (and I've heard every possible answer you can give me to this so don't bother) there is something very seriously wrong with a 22 year old man who is interested in a 15 year old child (and legally you are a child).

    Just for the record, this is an extremely inappropriate relationship and anyone (not just your parents - any teacher, neighbor, pastor, stranger in the street, passenger in a low flying airplane) who has reason to even think that there is anything illegal going on, is free to report it to the authorities.
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