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age limmit on geting sterilised in washington Washington

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  • age limmit on geting sterilised in washington Washington

    I was just wondering what the age limmit for staralisation is in washington?

    i'm 17 and married i am currently pregnant with my second child and both me and my husban agree the we do not want anymore children. expesially do to the fact that both pregnancys where not planned, our second child was acually conceived using a contraseptive (IUD) we are going to try the inplat next but if that fails i would just like to know my options thank you.

    Yes i do know most people dissagree with teen sex and parrenting to begin with that is not the qestion. i also know that abstinence is the best birth controll method but i am married and i am an individual who is intittled to make my own dissitions. thank you for your answers and input thank you.
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    I do not think this is a legal question.

    Speak to your ob/gyn about a tubal ligation after you give birth, or have your husband contact a urologist about a vascetomy. I would assume doctors would be hesitant to do a procedure on people so young, but assuming you have the right to make medical decisions for yourself (becuase you are married, so you are an emancipated minor), then age is up to the discression of the doctor and what guidelines he/she sets for the procedures they perform.

    Also know, at your age, there may be risks to a sterilization surgery, as well as the very real possibility that you could regret it later. You will be in your child bearing years for another two decades or more, and circumstances could change at any time. You may change your mind later.


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      Thank you, your right I might regret it later, but like i said i'm going back on birth controll i just want to know my options for if it fails agian. We can support the two children but I'm not worried about my feelings later on down the road i'm worried about my children and if we will be able to provide for them. I know we couldn't provide for a third child and being so young and having two children so close my body isnt doing to well i'd be afraid that my body would'nt be as able to produce a healthy child.

      thank you for your helf I will contact my OBGYN

      i just asked on here becouse i've heard there are laws preventing anyone under the age of 30 who has not had over a certain amount of children from getting the procedure done.
      Life can be crazy, it may not make sense. you may not always get the answers you want. but good thing come to those whom wait


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