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15 yr old/ 18 yr old laws abt dating Washington

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  • 15 yr old/ 18 yr old laws abt dating Washington

    Hey all,
    I read the forum for the 15/21 yr old dating situation... well me and a friend are in a bit of a different situation, I'm 18 and he's 15 1/2. We liked each other before I turned 18, and even considered dating. We're both Christian, met at church, we've both agreed that we're not gonna date for a while, and the direction we'd like to seek is marriage in a few years when that'll be ok. We have no intention on doing anything more than just hanging out, shoot we wouldn't even kiss... that's for my wedding day. But other things, such as holding hands, him holding me, stuff like that... could I get tagged for anything since I'm 18? We sure as heck don't touch inappropriately, and his parents really like me. Lol I look 15 to 16 though, and he looks at least 16. Probably why no one thinks twice when they see us together though... but we are trying to figure out when we could start dating, we were thinking when he's at the very minimum 16 1/2, but more along the lines of 17. We both promised to wait for each other anyhow, even if we can't even as much as see each other until his 18th birthday. I just don't want anyone to be able to accuse me of anything illegal. Suggestions anyone? Wanna check so that I don't get busted in the long run (before we move ahead).

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    come on guys, I need some input here... I need to know the laws about this and fast... don't just copy and paste some WAC.something.something because I don't understand half of the legal terminology anyways... but I'm the 18 yr old and my parents are the ones with the issues... heck his parents said we can date, but mine have the problem. where does that put us now? We'll be telling my parents all that we planned for the next few years, but I dunno how it's gonna go and I'm stressed. someone please help!


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      If you are old enough to ask, you are old enough to do a web search.

      The law is that your friend is a minor. You and your (collective) families should be in agreement on things at this point.

      You indicate that you want to take things slow. A guy (or a girl) can get carried away quickly.

      The age of consent in your state is 16. HOWEVER, he is still a minor, and the last thing you want to do is alienate his parents, or turn your parents off to him.

      Try to have a calm collective conversation with your parents as to why they have a problem. Listen to them, and meditate on their words.

      From what you have written, what is the rush?

      15 1/2 and 18 is still young to make lifetime plans.


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        As long as you live with your parents you follow their rules. So even if after talking to them they don't like it still, which I can imagine & understand why, then that means no you can't date him.


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          K guys thanks for the imput... things are taken care of for now, I just wanted to know the legality behind this... We put a hold on everything, and if when he is 18 we still want to go thru with this, then so be it. I do have a strange question tho: if you have two teenagers who live in different states, but met in person, such as you are within 1/2 hr of the state boarder from each other, but the states have different laws on dating, which state applies? Not that I'm getting on anything, just curious.


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