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OT: Lemony Snicket

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    OT: Lemony Snicket

    Ya gotta love it when you can roll out of bed,
    toss on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt, and still get the "you're so hot I could eat you up right now" look. (Or is that just the infatuation hormones still talking?)
    I still think that about my wife after 5+ years.
    we still *do* that.


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      OT: Lemony Snicket

      In article <[email protected]>,
      WhansaMi <[email protected]> wrote:
      Tai, might I recommend something for your reading list? Ghost Riders, bySharyn McCrumb. In an entirely different direction for McCrumb, see alsoBimbos of the Death SunZombies in the Gene PoolYa know, most people who know her know her through these books, but I wasn'tthat impressed by them.
      They do? Odd. I'd have thought they'd know her from the Elizabeth
      McPherson novels. As writing qua writing, the Bimbos and Zombies
      aren't her best. On the other hand, they're probably the best piece
      of description for the group involved that I've seen.
      OTOH, I loved "She Walks These Hills", and I liked "The Hanged Man's BeautifulDaughter" very much.
      Robert Grumbine Science faqs and amateur activities notes and links.
      Sagredo (Galileo Galilei) "You present these recondite matters with too much
      evidence and ease; this great facility makes them less appreciated than they
      would be had they been presented in a more abstruse manner." Two New Sciences


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