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child support review when ncp is working in a foreign country for 2 yrs Virginia

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  • child support review when ncp is working in a foreign country for 2 yrs Virginia

    My ex was unemployed for about a yr. He use to make 65k a year and was paying me 900 a month. He is currently 2000 dollars in arrears, I just found out he is now working as a contractor for the government and making twice as much. Since he is never even calls to see how our kids our doing, can I request a review for child support if he is out of the country for a year? Since he won't be here to reply to the review, will dcss go to his human resources and subpoena his pay stubs? How would it work? Triplets are expensive. Thank you in advance for the inputs.

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    DSS should be made aware of anything you find on your ex since he is paying CS.
    Since he is in arrears his employer will likely garnish his wages.
    I don't believe what I write, and neither should you. Information furnished to you is for debate purposes only, be sure to verify with your own research.
    Keep in mind that the information provided may not be worth any more than either a politician's promise or what you paid for it (nothing).
    I also may not have been either sane or sober when I wrote it down.
    Don't worry, be happy. is a good resource!


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