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Dating in Utah

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  • Dating in Utah

    Hello I am Zentry

    Okay Iam 19 and the girl i took out on a date is 16. So just today I was on my first date with a girl I just met 2 months ago. I went to go pick her up and we went to a parking spot on the mountain side to look at the city lights for our first date and all we did was kiss and cuddle in the backseat when the cops showed up. They came to the window and asked for my ID and i gave it to them and the girl I was with didn't have any ID. The cops kept us there and start to ask questions to her. One question was "Does Your dad know your up her with this guy?" and she said yes (of course she has to lie I find out later)because I didn't know she said she was going to a friends house. So they call her dad and he comes back to her and says " he says your suppose to be at a friends house!". And right now I flipping out in my mind because I thought she told him. I asked her is it alright with your dad? and she says yes (but lies to me). Keep in mind i do know one law and that it dating a minor. So they take her home and say i can go home. But ask me a question they say " Did you have any intention to have sex with her?" I said know because I barely know her and I'm not ready for sex yet to tell you the truth. So I go home and start to text her about the issue and this is where I need somebodies help, She says she has to go to the hospital for a check to see if I did anything to her. And the dad is pissed at her. So I start to research about the issue and find that I didn't have the dads permission to date her and I didn't even know you had to have permission tell I did the research.

    So what I worried about is what can the dad do to me? Also can I get in trouble for kissing her? So perrty much what are the consequences for me? I don't want to end up in prison or jail or even pay a fine. Please someone help me please and add anything else that could be helpful advise.
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    At the moment, you have not violated any laws and no one is going to do anything to you. You will not go to jail and you will not pay a fine.

    As long as you stay away from 16 year olds, or those who might be 16 year olds, and you do not contact this girl again, and you hang up or delete the text if she contacts you, you'll be fine.

    From now on, make sure that anyone you date has permission and that you know exactly how old they are.
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      There are no laws that restrict or define "dating" There are laws on sex and sexual contact with a minor. that can include groping, fondling, sexting, sexual email, chat, talk the list goes on. If you did not do any of those things your fine. If you did then charges can be filed. Since its clear Dad does not approve then you should cease all contact with this girl. Her parents have total control over their minor child sees so if they so stay away then you stay away. If would be in your best interest to date woman at least 18 years of age to avoid possible problems


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        Thank you guys for the help that makes me feel so much better.

        So there is nothing anyone can do to get me in trouble in any way? I just deleted everything that leads to her form my life email, phone, myspace, etc. So I should be good now right? Because I ve learned my lession.
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          If you didn't do any of the things such as panther noted, you should be fine/ok.
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            Das ist in der Doktor!

            If you’re going to play with fire,
            it would be wise to find yourself a box of matches that’s at least eighteen years old.

            ~ The thing about getting older is your body has a way of telling you when it’s time to start making decisions using a different part of your anatomy.


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