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Leaving Parents at 17, South Carolina

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  • Leaving Parents at 17, South Carolina


    I'm a 17 year old guy living in South Carolina. I'm in a relationship with a 32 year old man living in Wyoming, and I want to go live with him. I really can't stand living with my parents any longer. I have come very close to suicide on several occasions, the most recent was on my birthday... Just 2 weeks ago. I don't think I can handle another year with them, or in this god forsaken state for that matter. I'm gay and I really need the support of my parents, but I don't get it at all from them.

    My parents hardly ever speak to me, in fact the few times they do they are usually yelling at me or insulting me. I don't have a job, but I can get one, and my grades are good enough to get me a scholarship so if I live with my boyfriend I know employment/education will not be a problem, and he has a decent job making fairly good money so I know that together we can do this. But is it even legal for me to leave? I heard from a friend that it's legal to move out when you're 17 if you have your parents' permission, but I know there's no way I could ever get them to approve of this. I'm scared they'd hate me even more than they do now if they found out I'm in love with someone so much older than me.

    People say you can't find a good partner online but that isn't true. My mom met my stepdad online and only saw him 2 or 3 times in person before they decided to get married, so how is this any different? I know what I'm doing and I know what the risks are but I don't have anything to stay here for. My mom is always mad at me and my stepdad never ever speaks to me, in fact we usually go in excess of a week without saying anything other than 'go take out the trash' 'ok i will'... I don't get the love and respect that I need from my own parents, and there are no relatives who can take care of me. My stepdad's family wouldn't want to, and my granny on my mom's side (the only other relative I have) has borderline personality disorder and she treats me even worse than my parents do on her bad days.

    I've never been hit by my parents in anything other than a disciplinary fashion, I'm not starving or abused or neglected... Except maybe for emotionally. I just want to leave so I can be happy, so I can have a life, so I can be free. I get so much crap from my family about being different, it's too hard and completely unfair that I have to go to school everyday and get laughed at and threatened, and feel unsafe and then go home and be greeted by parents who don't give a ****, or even worse not be greeted at all. They give all their love to my half-brother, and there's none left for me anymore...

    I want to leave them, because I'm already basically abandoned by them. They buy me food and clothes, they pay the bills, but they don't give me the things that really matter. I want to be free. Can I? If I can't get away from them, I really think I might not survive long enough to bail out when I'm 18. I just keep getting more hopeless. Help me, please!!!

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    Leaving to live with a 32 yo partner in WY does not sound wise and I am not sure in SC if there is much support out there for a young gay male. So on a practical note, I am not sure what to tell you except it is one more year and to survive it. I am not being judgmental, but given that you are gay and male in SC, there is not a culture of tolerance in that state and I am not sure a court would find that how you feel is sufficient to make you emancipated. You can try, but your reasons for even wanting to emancipate and leave your parents is suspect and you could be setting yourself up for more pain by thinking the man in WY is somehow better than you being at home because you are still young and gay or not, may lack the maturity to be in a relationship with a 32yo.


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      This is a very crappy situation, and I'm sorry that you're going through it. Unfortunately, you may have no choice but to wait it out. If you leave home and go to Wyoming, this man will probably be looking at facing some big time charges. And I just want to add that anytime an adult is interested in someone half their age...well, even once you turn 18, proceed with EXTREME CAUTION.


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        He isn't a pedo ok? God I wish everybody I know would stop saying that! He's not a pedo... It's perfectly ok to go with someone older.


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          i understand boo

          im sorry that ur going threw so much but ur parents need to accept u the way u r because ur their child and will always be if u need to talk call me at (1773)-419-2664 my name is shay and i really understand u sweetie


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            Ladyshay, did you happen to notice that this post is from almost a year ago? He's 18 by now and able to go wherever he wants. It is also extremely unwise for you to post your phone number on a public site.
            The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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              Originally posted by cbg
              It is also extremely unwise for you to post your phone number on a public site.
              Exactly, and there was some kid from Kansas posting both his first and last name and his gf's. People, do NOT do this! No phone numbers, no last names!


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