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    Hello Forum,
    Let me get to the point. I am being charged for the crime of child abandonment for my three children 85 Okl.Cr.159. Does anyone know what that means? I am confused considering my former wife and I agreed to seperate after her extra marital affairs a 3 years ago.

    Also I continued to pay "gifts" for almost 2 years and even child support after the order of assignment hit. What I did do almost immediately after the order took affect is lose my job due to a back insury went to College for 6 months of course couldn't pay child support during that time, began a new career, reported updated information to DHS in Oklahoma and now I am being told by a lawyer I consulted with that I have a felony warrant for my arrest for child abandonment since June 2006. I still sent gifts on my own and letters but their not considering that as abiding by the order. I couldn't not atleast until I got a job again.

    They are taking $981.00 out a month well almost that much and I don't even make that much since losing the other job, I make $9.09 an hour so that leaves me and my family $175.00 each week to live off of. I did some research and confess I am worried, the punishment is 10 years of imprisonment and I've read past Summary of Documents of other court issues out of that same state and found most convicted plead to 7 years and that's what they get.

    I plan to go to Oklahoma to plead not guilty Dec 07, 2006 in a few weeks but will they let me leave on my own recongnicance after I get bail? Or keep me until the court date? I have a job I love and don't want to lose it, not including I live in Arizona and am very happily re-married with kids, anyone advice please?

    Desperate in AZ.

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    Gifts mean nothing.

    Okay, you quit your job, went to school and stopped paying CS? Yeah, you are on the hook.

    You don't get to choose when and how much you pay, a judge does that. Did you go back to court when you went to school to get your CS amount lowered?
    Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

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