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question about child support in ND North Dakota

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  • question about child support in ND North Dakota

    how many months does the NCP have to be behind in his payments before anything gets done about it?

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    usually at least 3, if not more.....there are people out there who are ten years behind


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      Originally posted by Zephyr
      usually at least 3, if not more.....there are people out there who are ten years behind
      Too bad it isn't like WI, if you go behind in a certain dollar amount they come after you.


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        yeah, i was just wondering cuz my ex quit his job in april and told me that i shouldn't depend on his child support....i work too, and we have 3 children together and he is only one month behind right now and only pays $656/month, so i guess it's not that bad social worker was worried about me and called me about it when she heard he quit his job and told me if he gets to be a month behind then i should apply for looks like i'll be making a call to her ex told me that he's farming 480 acres of land now so he can't pay any child support until he makes a profit on his crop, which won't be until fall...and i know he never makes a profit on his crops cuz i was married to him for 10 years and he always made it look like he never made any profit for taxes....then i'm still waiting to hear what's happening with my 15 month old daughter from another guy...i've been hearing he's going to try to get custody of her by saying i'm unfit....but if i'm so unfit, why have i had custody of my other 3 children for the last 14 years? he hasn't even seen her yet and we live 2 blocks from each other in a small town of 1500 people and he told me 2 1/2 months ago he isn't ready for her to be a part of his life yet...don't think i want him to be anyway, but we'll see what happens....his wife told me "you're not taking nothing from me"...and they come into my place of work 2 or 3 times a week and i don't understand why (i work in a bar at night)....they have told people they are tired of seeing me around and being reminded of my daughter i had with why do they come in when i'm working???


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